experience after following the ethical hacking class

When the first I subscribe for this class, the first thing I think about this class is all about doing the hacking stuff with many hacking tools. But now my perception about hacking is change. Actually it is important to use many hacking tools to do hacking or penetration testing, but the one which is the most important in doing hacking activities is information gathering. From this class I already understand what is the real power of information gathering. It is more powerful than if we just doing hacking with tools and no information gathering at all, and if we do something like this, it just the same with you want to release a criminal in a jail without understand what inside the jail is, so it will just be a useless thing to do.

Because of this class also, I begin to do searching about people. I do searching a people from my bbm contact which I don’t know¬† who is she and all of the information about her. But with this information gathering concept, with only having “her school name” now I can have her phone number, date of birth, living place, photos, and her family’s information.

From this, I become understand how powerful the information gathering really is. It’s all thanks to my lecturer at ethical hacking course (^_^)