my keylogger experience

Keylogger is a tool to get all of the keystroke that typed by the user in their computer. This tool is very easy to use and really effective to obtain username and password. You just have to install or plant it into the target computer/laptop and after that just wait and hide the keylogger using the username and password. Keylogger also can be set to be hidden or undetected so it does not detect by the antivirus. While the keylogger being planted, this tool will log all of the keystrokes that have been pressed by the user. And after that we can see all of the log by open the keylogger using username and password that we have been set.  It can also plant remotely from sending an email and if target open it then it will automatically planted in the target computer.


Now I want to tell you how to repell the keylogger tool,

to repell this tool, I suggest you use keyscrambble. Keyscrambble is a tool that used to scrambble all of the keystroke that being pressed. For example if we type “password”, it will resulted in a scrambbled words / random symbols such as”*jW22#$@!$$Sw”. I suggest you to attach this tool in your browsers so you will be protected from the keylogger threads.






experience after following the ethical hacking class

When the first I subscribe for this class, the first thing I think about this class is all about doing the hacking stuff with many hacking tools. But now my perception about hacking is change. Actually it is important to use many hacking tools to do hacking or penetration testing, but the one which is the most important in doing hacking activities is information gathering. From this class I already understand what is the real power of information gathering. It is more powerful than if we just doing hacking with tools and no information gathering at all, and if we do something like this, it just the same with you want to release a criminal in a jail without understand what inside the jail is, so it will just be a useless thing to do.

Because of this class also, I begin to do searching about people. I do searching a people from my bbm contact which I don’t know  who is she and all of the information about her. But with this information gathering concept, with only having “her school name” now I can have her phone number, date of birth, living place, photos, and her family’s information.

From this, I become understand how powerful the information gathering really is. It’s all thanks to my lecturer at ethical hacking course (^_^)

another source for the ethical hacking stuff

CEHv7 provides a comprehensive ethical hacking and network security-training program to meet the standards of highly skilled security professionals. Hundreds of SMEs and authors have contributed towards the content presented in the CEHv7 courseware. Latest tools and exploits uncovered from the underground community are featured in the new package.

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the first week of ethical hacking class

in the first meeting of the ethical hacking class we learn about what is it mean to hacking ethically,, ethical hacking means that we do the hacking or attacking to the target network with the permission from the target’s stakeholders. ethical itself means that a principle which is made to determine which is right and which is right.

We will be using the VMware tools in this class and also the backtrack tools…

Before attending this class I already study at Data Communication and Networking class. In this previous class I learn about how to configure the ip address and the subnet mask for the network and we use Cisco Packet Tracer to do the demonstration. In this class I also learned about how to make an UTP cable, both the straight and cross-over one. I also learned about how to make and design the wide area network connection in a company that have several branches.

What I expect after I finished learned this course is I can do both attacking and defending the network connection.

I think this is all for today..

see you again when I do the next posting 🙂